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Wart Removal

Wart Removal

Wart Removal

BodyFocused SWIFT (Wart Removal) Services in Bentleigh East

Struggling with stubborn warts?

BodyFocused Podiatry is excited to be able to offer SWIFT microwave therapy for the treatment of warts (including verruca, HPV, papiloma). Using this new, revolutionary treatment device, your podiatrist can rid you of the most stubborn warts even if they have failed to respond to conventional treatment, or if you have had them for a very long time. Studies have shown SWIFT to be over 80% successful at removing warts where previous treatments have failed.

SWIFT microwave therapy works by delivering a precise, two second burst of microwave energy into the infected tissue. The bursts of microwave energy raises the temperature of the infected tissue causing the release of inflammatory mediators stimulating the immune system to remove the infected tissue.

Over 80% success rate

Minimal pain and no recovery time

No burn marks or scarring

Open 6 days a week

After hours and weekend appointments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about BodyFocused SWIFT (Wart Removal) services.

In a nutshell...yes. However the sensation only lasts for two seconds and subsides immediately.
This can vary for each patient - generally most people require between 2-5 sessions.
SWIFT has a much higher success rate than other treatments. It triggers your own immune system response, doesn’t leave any burn marks (like dry ice can) and is more precise than other treatments.
Yes, SWIFT is suitable for warts on the hands, elbows and knees.
Yes, we can process claims immediately through our HICAPS system, however the amount of your rebate is determined by your health insurer and your policy.
Yes, we are a preferred provider for both Medibank and BUPA customers. This entitles you to a discount off our normal treatment fee and your health insurers will provide a higher rebate amount. This means that any gap amount is significantly reduced and in some cases there is no gap. For kids under 25 there is no gap payment on podiatry consultations.

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