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5 reasons you should upgrade your foot orthotics

Orthotics can be an expensive investment into your health. Well-designed orthotics will last at leas

1. Orthotics, like all footwear, will compress and wear out over time. Upgrading your orthotics ensures that your foot always has the optimal level of support.

2. Simply put, feet change. Your foot from the past is no longer the foot you have today. A new orthotic captures any growth, arthritic change or spreading that can occur over time.

3. Orthotic materials have changed significantly over time. Better materials means orthotics are now thinner, flexible, more comfortable and fit more easily into your shoes. If your orthotics are quite old, you will be amazed at how user-friendly new orthotics can be.

4. The improvement in our technology has given our podiatrists incredibly accurate tools to measure and analyse your feet. This technology provides an accurate picture from which our podiatrists design your new custom foot orthotic.

5. Getting a 2nd pair of orthotics gives you the convenience of having one pair of orthotics in your work shoes and the other in your runners. This means you will have a consistent level of support in all of your shoes.